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Sdictionary for Windows, english version 1.0.0
Multifunctional dictionary viewer for Windows.

Devices: Windows.
Developer: AXMA Soft Ltd.

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Sdictionary for Windows, english version

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Āll taxes included $ 11.95 9.55 EUR


Sdictionary is a universal multifunctional dictionary shell that uses the exclusively developed Sdict dictionary format. Sdictionary has a number of advantages, such as a user-friendly interface and high speed. You can also use Sdictionary as an interactive encyclopedia.

The Sdictionary community provides a huge variety of freely distributed dictionary bases. Sdictionary provides users with a multi-window interface for quick and easy access to articles. Redefinable hotkeys allow using the dictionary with any running program. Combining results together in one window, it is possible to find a required word or phrase simultaneously in all dictionaries. Its intuitive interface, and the convenient and logical keyboard control reduce the time needed to access the dictionary.

The implementation of dictionaries as separate files is a distinct feature of Sdictionary which optimizes favorite dictionaries and encyclopedias management. This feature also reduces the time needed to access articles.

A growing Sdictionary community on constantly updates old and develops new dictionaries. The number of dictionaries to date is in the several hundreds! Thanks to the Sdict open format and the convenience of its text representation, everyone can convert stored data to the Sdictionary dictionary format. An online converter is in public access on web resource so there is no need to buy an additional converting program. The possibility to work with one's data using one unified program makes everything easier than ever. Users also have unified access to dictionaries as well as reference books and encyclopedias. This distinct feature of Sdictionary, that is, joint use of dictionaries and encyclopedias, adds to the utility of the program for educational purposes. Sdictionary provide great support and is indispensable for business and scholars alike.

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